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I'm Ren, I'm 15, mostly gay , and supposedly named Exile of the KOTOR fandom. Fanfiction writer, artist, and roleplayer.

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Ren the Exile

I don’t know why…but since I’m starting highschool, I thought I might share a story. In case it happens again.

When I was in the 7th grade, a lot of shit happened. My grandmother died, my mom was pregnant, and I didn’t have too many friends. I never did. But that year the few I had turned out to be bullies as much as anyone else. So yeah, 7th grade was shit.

That entire year, there was this group of girls who made it their job to make my life miserable. They constantly commented about my frizzy hair, the clothes I wore, my singing voice, my athletic ability. They were in most of my classes and I really just couldn’t get away from them. (They then of course looked to me to do their work for them and promptly called me a bitch when I said no)

Things were constantly thrown at me along with the verbal abuse, and my “friends” weren’t much better. One of them said she loved it when I wore shorts because it made her feel skinny. They all said I was fat and I should not be such a nerd all the time. (I was 90 pounds and 4’10, how was I fat?)

It came to a head the last time I took the late bus home. I sat in the back, thinking it would be just me like it usually was, but turns out they had after-school detention and guess who came and sat around me. The girls constantly threw sneers my way and joked about my appearance whilst I had done nothing but sit in my usual seat. I decided it would be better to just get up and sit in the front by myself. There was only one boy on the bus, sitting about half way up. He comes
In later. They tripped me on my way up the isle and I fell as the bus was still moving. I barely missed toppling on my head but I straightened myself despite their laughter and just sat up front. I put my headphones in and ignored them.

As the ride went on they threw stuff at me, and as each got off they’d throw a pencil or something at me. Eventually it was just the boy, one girl, and me. I suppose she got bored and started making a game out of throwing stuff at me. I asked her to please stop and she came and sat across from me.

"Why don’t you fight back?" she asked and I told her it wasn’t worth it. She shook her head and sat behind me, reaching over and pulling my hair, hitting me, all the while telling me to fight back. I refused and told her to stop, the bus driver told her to stop and the boy came up and grabbed her arm. He asked why she was doing that, said I was a nice girl and why would she hurt me? She said it was because I was ugly.

Eventually I got off, the boy told the principle before I had a chance and got her suspended. I never even got his name.

So here I am, a year and a half later. I haven’t seen either of them since and now that I’m headed to the only high school in the district, I know I will. Those girls will be back, and more then likely I’ll be a target again. I posted this picture and this story to remind myself.

I have the best friend in the world now. I have my rock, and I have Tumblr. I. Am. Not. Alone. I am not fat, nor am I ugly. I am a beautiful, 14 year old honor student who is 95 pounds and not even 5 ft. And you know what? No one can tell me

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